Jadeja-Cimone’s staff is the key to its success

Our team is filled with smart, driven, kind-hearted professionals. Each member of our team has a personal connection to the immigrant experience and a strong commitment to our firm’s humanitarian mission. Our attorneys and staff communicate with clients in their native languages, work hard to establish relationships founded in mutual understanding and respect, and do everything in their power to ensure successful outcomes in clients’ cases.


Kathryn E. Jadeja-Cimone
Carolyn M. Corrado
Laura D. Calder



Astrid Avedissian, Associate
Martha Hurtado Oliveros, Associate
Aminata Kamara, Associate
Robert J. Moylan, Associate
Eduardo Berrios, Jr. Associate
Alex Ortiz Castro, Jr. Associate
H. Esteban Figueroa-Brusi, Jr. Associate
Johanna P. Gaymer, Jr. Associate
Francisco Silva, Jr. Associate

Support Staff

Rupa Califano, Assistant to the Administrator
Fiorella Nunez, Operations Manager
Silvia Kabaservice, Assistant Operations Manager
Elizabeth Torres, Administrative Supervisor
Catherine Aguirre, Paralegal
Teresita Alva, Paralegal
Alyssa Bourmeche, Paralegal
Kelly Campos, Paralegal
Jessica E. Navarrete, Paralegal
Andrelina Tineo, Paralegal
Phillip Doble, Legal Assistant
Stefany Henriquez, Legal Assistant
Natalie Polanco, Legal Assistant
Olga Robertson Lopez, Legal Assistant
Daisy Benitez, Administrative Assistant
Iris Garcia, Administrative Assistant
Nelson Lopez, Administrative Assistant
Morgan Lopez-Canales, Administrative Assistant
Diana Mendieta, Administrative Assistant
Joanna Navarro, Administrative Assistant
Marleen Olmo Toledo, Administrative Assistant
Alfredo Sosa, Administrative Assistant
Angelica Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant